The space matters…

I love to ponder, probe and seek truth. It’s just me. I have always been this way. My latest bog post is an interesting read. I don’t share all my Space Healer blog posts here on our Touch Interiors news page, but this one I thought was worth sharing. Read more »

Book a session with Bronwyn

  MY NEW SERVICE: I am launching my new service today and it’s been a long time brewing. I am so excited to finally have it nutted out, test driven and official. I believe very deeply in the extraordinary power of this service and although essentially a very simple concept, it has taken me the best part of my (almost)… Read more »

Art for your floor as well as your soul!

Finding the right rug distinct for you can be tricky. If you have the luxury of seeing it in your space before you purchase I highly recommend it. It’s amazing how quickly you can edit the choices and prove your initial instincts wrong. I walk you through this process on the blog Read more »