“I have always loved beautiful spaces and beautiful objects, and this is what drew me to design. Over time I began to tune in to the impact space & objects had on my innermost feelings. I recognized how my own personal & conscious space had the power to expand my reality, just like an outfit that makes me feel unstoppable!

It has always been my heartfelt intention, that the spaces I design for my clients, has this very same effect. Over the past few years, well into my second professional decade, I’ve sought to understand more deeply my unique design technique. I’ve asked myself certain questions; What makes something beautiful? Why do I seek inspiration based on an outcome, rather than a visual? And how specifically do I influence the feel of a space? What I now understand, is that I have a particular therapeutic approach to my design work that I term, ‘Space Healing’; a process where I literally feel out spaces and align them to my clients using color, placement, texture & purpose. My technique infuses my clients unique core essence with their space, to realize a home that is so fitting and immeasurably beautiful, simply because, they’ve found each other!”

Founder & Creative Director Bronwyn Poole


Bronwyn’s experience in the design industry spans over 20 years, establishing her boutique design firm, Touch Interiors, in Sydney Australia in 1999. Now based in Los Angeles, Bronwyn solely focuses on delivering design for clients who understand the importance of designing within her ‘Space Healing’ paradigm. Having worked across all aspects of interior design throughout her career, Bronwyn’s knowledge and empathy for the impact of authentic design, makes her one of LA’s rare finds when it comes to true client centric designers.

How do I Space Heal?