Making home…

Currently living in Santa Monica, Bronwyn offers her full service interior design to the Westside of Los Angeles. For her comprehensive list of design services, take a peak at our services page


Bronwyn Poole…

Sydney born Bronwyn Poole is a Los Angeles based interior designer and advocate for her Space Healing design philosophy. In over two decades Bronwyn has created an internationally recognised portfolio and extensive list of clientele.

Now based in Santa Monica California, Bronwyn’s clients engage her to skillfully fuse lifestyle and design; “When our home truly reflects our authentic essence and the legacy we are creating for our life and our loves ones, so much more energy is freed up to create the life we truly want”. Bronwyn shows her clients how to use their space as a vehicle to reconnect and express their life to their fullest potential. Their spaces become the physical expression of their journey, a true sanctuary and springboard for joy and success.

Bronwyn’s diverse sense for style is evident in her exceptionally varied portfolio. Working with clients both in Sydney & Los Angeles, Bronwyn has strong international influences diversifying her work and the products she designs and specifies. Bronwyn’s interiors are immaculately customised and richly layered, imbuing her signature freshness and authenticity.

My no.1
Nothing thrills me more than working with something, or someone’s, integral strength. It is instinctive for me to identify and nurture a strength to transform something average, or even strong, into something incredible. Whether it’s a home, the work of my contractors or my professional and personal relationships, this quest for excellence drives me on a daily basis.

My no. 2
My innate belief in connectedness has always driven my awareness of my responsibilities, which in turn, has created my value system. Considerate, caring, and accepting attitudes are values I honour. I am highly sensitive to the invisible hand, and use my perspective to guide others into connection with their truth and purpose.

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